About Sabine


I come from a family of artist and healers. The body , may it be a human or animal, is what fascinates me. 

Creating Art is my way of finding my truth. I am inspired by the beautify and wildness of nature . I love to start a painting with the free flow of fluids and softness of charcoal and see where it will lead me.   


Sabine Ronge was born and raised in Germany and moved to Hawaii in 1989.  Over the years , she has found her creative outlet in Ceramics, knitting, sewing, painting, woodwork , silk painting and in the past years dedicated we to painting in all her free time. Exploring watercolor, inks, Oil Painting, Charcoal, Graphite.  In 2019/2020 Sabine studied with Milan Art Institute to dive deep into learning drawing and oil painting and finding her voice. 


Her Paintings are bold and free, full of color and life. Mixing abstract and realism. She draws her inspiration from her family and immediate surroundings. Focusing on Portraits, figures and animals .

She spends most of her time in her studio in Haiku, that is ever expanding with new techniques and mediums.